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Issei Hyodo is the main character of the High School DXD anime series. He’s a second year high school student that, unfortunately, is killed on his very first date. Unsure whether it was all a dream or not, Issei questions his friends but receives little help. Two days after his date, he awakens only to find a girl naked in his room. The girl is Rias Gremory, who reveals that she is a devil, and proceeds to explain that Issei has been reincarnated as a devil who is bound to serving her as her underling.

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Issei Hyodo is the main character of High School DxD. Like other ecchi male high school students, he is quite the pervert. He is seen as “creepy” at the academy and often fantasizes. After being killed on his first date, Rias saves him and reincarnates him as a devil of her clan. He makes high goals of one day being a high ranking devil so he can gather his own servants and become the “Harem King.”

Rias Gremory is the secondary character of High School DxD. She is known as the “Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess” and is the star student at Kuoh Academy where she is a third year student.

Asia Argento is a nun who meets Issei in town. She is gentle hearted person that possesses the ability to heal wounds on Angels, Devils and humans, due to having the sacred gear “Twilight Healing.” She eventually claims a familiar names Rassei, which is a baby sprite dragon.

Akeno Himejima is a member of the Gremory clan, and second in command. Many mysteries surround her but she is still a kind, light hearted character. She is also referred to as the “Priestess of Thunder” and runs as the vice president of the occult research club. Like Rias, she is widely popular at the academy and many say they’re the two great ladies of the kuoh academy.

Irina Shido is a devout protestant and holy sword user who prays before fighting. She is a childhood from of Issei’s and harbors a rather large crush on him. She soon finds out that Issei is a devil and major pervert, but Irina continues to love him regardless of his many flaws.

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